Home of God's Unchanging Word Since 1853!
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Trinity’s History

Trinity Lutheran church was founded on January 30, 1853 and Trinity has been grounded in God’s Word ever since. They worshiped in the Canada Hose House and at the Court House originally. They joined the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod on May 22, 1853 and began worship in their own church in 1854.  Trinity has been in the same location since 1854 and have worshipped in the same sanctuary for over 160 years. 
Trinity continues to use the Divine Service and other traditional liturgies that have been a rich part of Trinity’s history. 
            In worship and life, we reflect God’s Word and will always stand firm upon it.  Many churches today may be bowing to the modern world and the social pressures it places upon them. Sadly, many churches have fallen into line with worldly views, which are contrary to God’s Word.  Today there are pending Court hearings, along with laws and court rulings being passed that are contrary to God’s Word.  We do not and cannot stand for that.  God’s Word will prevail! It will always be the center of our worship and lives!  Christ will always be the light that shines in the darkness of sin in this world!  Trinity represents over 160 years of being the “Home of God’s Unchanging Word”. Trinity will always follow God’s Word, not the world!
            Trinity continues to serve others, as Christ first served us by giving us the wonderful gift of eternal life.  Trinity serves those in the Cumberland area, along with supporting other various LCMS ministries.  Currently, the Women’s Guild is a part of the adopt-a-student program at the St. Louis seminary.  They donate the money raised through various drives to help the future development of pastors.   
Trinity has participated in Disaster Response Training through the LCMS.  This training is Christ centered and certifies those who participate to help in time of need.  We learned how to show great mercy in Christ Jesus and to help people in time of spiritual distress.  We also learned basic skills to help people with their physical needs, whatever they may be at the time. 
            Trinity will continue to be a Christ centered part of the community for many more years to come.  If you are looking for a Christ centered church home, one that is grounded in God’s Word, then Trinity is the place for you!  For further information about Trinity contact Pastor Eric Ruble at 301-777-1800 or by e-mail at trinitylcms@atlanticbbn.net